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Why do you need a coach mentor?

If you are applying for ICF Credentialing, we can provide ACC and PCC mentoring for credential or renewal. You are required to work with a mentor for 10 hours prior to your application. The mentoring should take place over a minimum 3-month period and be completed before submitting your credential application.

Your mentor (PCC Credentialed) will work with you to provide professional guidance that will allow you to demonstrate the competency and capability required to achieve your credential level. The sessions focus on core competency development to prepare you for the Coach Knowledge Assessment and help you develop as a Coach.

This programme is suitable for those pursuing the International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) or Level 1 and 2, and Portfolio Pathways.

The programme is based on 10 hours of one-to-one mentoring, or to join group sessions.

Individual sessions are conducted virtually.  The sessions are usually 60-90 minutes in length will cover all competencies, ethics, and code of conduct through discussion, using real life examples. You can also submit recordings for feedback prior to submission.


Group sessions are held virtually and are 2 hours long. The content of the session will depend on the needs of the group or any issues or concerns brought for discussion. The session allows time for reflection and discussion.

What will I receive?
As well as 10 hours of Coach Mentoring from an experienced PCC credentialed Coach, you will receive tips on recording your session for the application, feedback on up to 3 recordings, an information pack on the competencies, links to video’s on understanding the competencies and a partner to help you navigate the ACC and PCC credential or renewal application.

On completion, you will receive a certificate to confirm that 10 hours of coach mentoring has been achieved.

Although we cannot guarantee that because of the coach mentoring you will obtain the credential, but you will be well prepared for the assessment.

Our coach mentoring process will give you:

  • An awareness of what you are doing well and any development needs
  • Support and guidance to achieve a high level of understanding of the ICF code of conduct and ethical standards.
  • A greater understanding of the ICF core competencies and how they are demonstrated at each of the three levels of certification
  • An opportunity to consolidate previous learning and reach further, broadening your coaching approach
  • An opportunity to connect with other coaches by joining the lightbulb.alumni. The alumni are offered complementary quarterly group mentoring sessions with fellow ICF Coaches to continue your learning and make connections.

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