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VR – The future of learning, but now.

Sarah Smith, Founder of, May 2024

Working with young people for me was always a lot of fun. I managed interns, graduates and apprentices for a number of years. They were super engaged, willing to learn and ultra-curious. I know that those I worked with would have embraced using technology like Virtual Reality to learn and build confidence. VR for learning is now a reality and with the added power-up of coaching, the we can dig deeper into the learning so it’s even more impactful. It’s not just learning more about ourselves, it’s about creating real-life strategies and that is where the confidence really starts to build.

The beauty of using VR for learning is that it’s not so unfamiliar that it’s scary for the learners, and feels like play. When we are enjoying ourselves, we are likely to be more relaxed and therefore, learning better.

Using VR in schools

Now, here’s the really cool part: VR immersive learning isn’t just about having a blast (although that’s definitely a big bonus!). It’s also a powerful tool for building confidence. So, why not use this tool in school?

Students have an opportunity to use VR to experience situations that raises self-awareness and builds confidence. How, you ask?

Hands-On Learning: VR allows you to interact with virtual environments, making learning more engaging and memorable. When you can manipulate objects, conduct experiments, and solve problems in a 3D space, you gain a deeper understanding of your own approach to problem solving, communication and working under pressure. This hands-on approach boosts your confidence as you master new skills and concepts.

Safe Space for Practice: Whether it’s public speaking, scientific experiments, or testing bravery, VR provides a safe environment for learners to practice and make mistakes without real-world consequences. This freedom to explore and experiment without fear of failure is a game-changer for building confidence.

Personalised Learning: With VR, each learner can learn at their own pace and in their own style. This approach helps build confidence by allowing learners to tackle challenges in a way that suits them best, fostering a sense of achievement and mastery. The learning and awareness building is personal to them and the results only apply to them.

New Experiences: Since it is unlikely we’ll experience space or an Egyptian Tomb anytime soon, VR can provide environments that feel very real. It opens the learners eyes to new places and experiences.

The future is here, and now is the time to embrace technology to help our future workforce build the skills and confidence they will need to navigate the current landscape. are a private coaching practice and specialise in coaching, VR coaching, coach training and coach mentoring. Coaches are accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Their aim is to make coaching mainstream for young people. Get in touch with Sarah if you have any questions at