Lightbulb Coaching

Bringing VR to real life are proud to partnering with Cappfinity to bring you a truly immersive and experiential learning experience through Virtual Reality (VR) Coaching.

The interactive nature of VR simulations can make learning more engaging and enjoyable, leading to better learning outcomes.

VR can simulate real-life situations that would be too complex, expensive, or impractical to recreate in real life.

Virtual simulations allow users to learn by doing, which is often more effective than traditional learning methods. They can practice skills in a safe and controlled environment, making mistakes and learning from them without real-world consequences.

Coaching is a way to raise self-awareness and learn strategies to deal with different situations.  When we are in a space of not knowing, or feeling under pressure, we react in different ways. 

The VR rooms provide situations that we may not ever experience; a cavern, a roman patio and others that are more familiar like an auditorium or meeting room.  Within these rooms, you will experience very real feelings and actions that will show up in different ways.  

VR Coaching is a highly effective way of speeding up the learning process.

Unlike typical alternative to learning like online based courses and classroom learning, VR Coaching aims to embed learning through doing and making it personal to the user.


Learning by doing, the process.

  1. Orientation – Get used to wearing the headset and using the handsets whilst moving around in VR in the reception room.
  2.  Experience – Make your way around several rooms in VR (around 20 minutes) and complete tasks and objectives.  You may or may not notice what you are saying out loud, or what you’re body language is doing.  Your coach will be observing your movements and reactions.
  3.  Reflect – Reflect on your reactions and self-talk with your coach and create strategies to identify and take control of reactions in real life.

Ways to apply VR Immersive Learning

Talent Development
Early Careers Recruitment and Development
Develop Future Leaders in School
Apprentice, Intern and Graduate Selection

Your Virtual Reality Coach has been trained by Cappfinity to safely operate the system to help you get the most from your experience.  Cappfinity are the world leader for measuring and developing potential in Talent Acquisition & Talent Management. 

As professional ICF Coaches, we are able to combine our coaching expertise with the Virtual Reality expertise of Cappfinity.

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